Diploma In Architecture Visualization & Interior Designing

Diploma In Architecture Visualization And Interior Designing Kollam Karunagappally
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Syllabus of the Course

Autodesk 3ds max

  • Working with files & objects from other programs
  • Creating parametric AEC objects
  • Tracing splines
  • Lathing a 2D object profile
  • Designing spline-based walls & windows
  • Deforming objects with modifiers
  • Attaching, grouping and compounding
  • Sculpting and painting landscapes
  • Simulating fabric, grass and foliage
  • NURBS modeling
  • Texture mapping and designing materials
  • Placing virtual cameras
  • Rendering images
  • Animating a camera along with a flight path
  • Trimble sketch up
  • Navigating sketchup
  • Creating camera views
  • Configuring the toolbars on Mac & windows
  • Selecting, moving and scaling objects
  • Using line tools for 3D drawing
  • Creating rectangles,outlines,circles and freehand shapes
  • Creating 3d text
  • Using the measurement and labeling tools
  • Organizing drawings with groups and layers
  • Creating components and using components from 3d warehouse
  • Creating and applying materials
  • Working with texture
  • Rendering and animating drawings
  • Bridge Design
  • Templates
  • Horizontal profile
  • Vertical profile
  • Material selector
  • Selection modeler
  • Bridge superstructure
  • Bridge substructure
  • Load patterns
  • Analysis types
  • Design
  • Export reports, drawings, images and animation.

Ezdan Institute of Technology

Kollam, Kerala